Wednesday, July 1, 2009

...there was War

As Jason has already said, we do have an obsessive fascination with all things related to war gaming. But, after years of role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, we found that we needed something more. The plain old paper maps and "use your Imagination" efforts just weren't cutting it any more. We weren't just GM's were were entertainers by God and as entertainers we were always looking for ways to amaze our crowd, our ever loyal players.

I still remember the day, years ago, Jason revealed the giant pillar he had built for one of the games he was running. I remember thinking "oooh, shiny!" and I was hooked. I immediately went home and began designing an entire RPG campaign around the use of table top miniatures and landscapes. Using Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms supplement, I bastardized the rules and took enormous liberties with the setting, lovingly customizing it and folding it into the new and improved version of my own D&D fantasy setting called Greymeer, a place of grim darkness and horror. Now, 5 years latter, it has grown into a monster. In that time, a second game has developed out this creative process: 'Inquisitor' a RPG I wrote myself and completely stole from Games Workshop while waiting for years for them to finish and release their own version. Together these two games have spawned some truly epic landscapes, projects Jason and I have slaved over for weeks at a time, slowly gluing our finger tips together and eroding our brains by inhaling toxic clouds of spray paint vapor. Anything for our art and our friends...

Now, Jason has gone on to write his own RPG as well and even as Greymeer and Inqusitor continues we are setting upon the long road of creating terrain for this new RPG of awesomeness. This first piece will be our initial endeavor into documenting the creation of a landscape. We hope you will enjoy this journey and the many yet to come. And never forget the credo by which we both live by - a phrase, a motto, a mission statement, a life plan if you will, coined in the heady environment of super glue, paint, and plaster:



  1. YES! Finally the two of you got off your lazy asses and put together an internet presence :) About damn time!

    I look forward to all the pretty pics! And I'll post a link on my own blog, too.


  2. Fer real... :) Pictures will be coming soon.

  3. Congrats to you both on this new venture! I am very proud that you are putting this out for the world to see. I am certain that you will inspire gamers everywhere to build new terrains and add new dimensions to gaming.